11 Best Advertising Examples Of All Time

While we see billboards and online ads all the time, not everyone strikes a chord with us. A marketing campaign for a product can be said to be groundbreaking not only when it can generate more revenues for the brand but also touch the hearts of its buyers or inspire them to do better. Interestingly, there have been many such powerful advertising campaigns with strong messages over the years that have changed the way we see things. Here is a list of some of the most touching, poignant, and eye-grabbing campaigns:

  1. Procter & Gamble’s “Thank you, Mom!” campaign: This is one of the most touching advertising examples of all times that will get you all teary-eyed. Who could have imagined that a brand showcasing home sanitization products could be so emotional? The brand identified mothers as the chief factors for success in the lives of world-class athletes.
  1. Budweiser’s Whassup campaign: This has to be one of the most powerful advertising campaigns ever that will push you to utter “Whassup” every time you watch the ad. The ad begins with an individual answering a phone-call where the caller says “Whassup” and the phrase keeps echoing as more callers join in.
  1. Nike-“Find you Greatness” campaign: This groundbreaking campaign by Nike achieved the impossible by forcing people to push their boundaries. It served to challenge and motivate the viewers.
  1. Coca Cola-“Share a Coke” campaign: To appeal more to the masses, Coca Cola started to put their names on every bottle. This campaign took off in 2011 in Australia where every Coke bottle was customized using the country’s most popular names. It soon picked up even in the US and people began ordering for custom Coke bottles. Customers loved this attention and the campaign was super successful.
  1. Bitcoin San Francisco Taxis Campaign: Nearly about 400 taxis are in the Bitcoin Campaign in San Francisco since last May. There were digital ad videos played in some taxis while some just displayed the printed ads. Bitcoin is integrated as a payment method in many ecommerce platforms.. You can pay from your wallet instantly. Check this bitcoin wallet vergleich to learn about best bitcoin wallets available in 2021. You can also store all your crypto tokens i the wallets for later use.
  1. Always- “LikeaGirl”: The brand Always struck a chord with the audience through this revolutionary campaign which went viral during the 2015 Super Bowl. It started with an ad that revealed the stigma of playing a sport “like a girl”. The idea was to show that girls are equally capable and fit as boys and this went onto inspire millions of teenage girls.
  1. Volkswagen- Think Small: This ad campaign created in 1960 set out to create a new thinking in the minds of Americans who were hitherto buying only the big American cars. The German brand showcased its cars and played into the buyer’s expectations through an honest and genuine display of its products.
  1. Google-Year in Search: This is a striking example of an online campaign that is super powerful and turned heads. It started in 2009 as a report of the most common searches on Google for a year; the next year Google made this into a 3-minute video.
  1. Apple- Get a Mac: Amongst many Apple campaigns, this stands out because after its launch, the company underwent 42% growth in market shares. The campaign seeks to showcase Mac in a shrewd way without going overboard.
  1. De Beers-A Diamond is Forever: This is one of the most memorable campaigns in recent history suggested that marriages cannot be complete without diamond rings. It portrayed the diamond ring as a necessary luxury.
  1. Old Spice-The Man Your Man Could Smell Like: This online and TV ad campaign came about in 2010 and became viral overnight. In June that year the company launched a new commercial featuring Isaiah Mustafa who soon became known as the “Old Spice Guy”.